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As I looked back the xbox arcade store,i got ideas for posible good games that should be on like Dad n me,Madness,and some famous point and click games like Alice is dead,and The Sagittarian.these are just a few games that could/should be on the xbox360 arcade and psn.

I dont know if it would be verry apropriate but,should madness be on xbox360 arcade,or psn?so far newgrounds has i think three games probly two,in xbox n looking too see more coming though,too increase the population of newgrounds.i's really like to see a sequell to castle crashers,if ng does make it it should be on all formats,exceppt nintendo.including handheld devices.

I found out that movie by avgn.i got it from netflix and i gota say,its actually pretty funny.and in a couple of days im getting a shirt that has the power glove on it and it says,its so bad. :)

i made a video for newgrounds,its nothing really special though..i just found out that i could play games on my phone off of newgrounds,srsly no lie. heres the link nh2w .enjoy!

well!im not not not not bored....ok so i am a little bored.

bored bored bored borrrrrrrred.


2010-06-30 13:01:37 by supersmashfan08